Your East Setauket Critical Care Unit for Pets

When people think of an ICU, they picture around-the-clock critical care for individuals experiencing life-threatening scenarios. At Pet ER 24/7, we believe that pets deserve the same high level of critical care. That's why our practice is proud to serve as a dedicated ICU to East Setauket pets and those in its surrounding communities.

Whether your cat needs extensive oxygen therapy or your dog requires life-saving intervention, our team of skilled and experienced veterinary professionals is here for them. Although this can be a stressful time for any pet owner, we hope you breathe a little easier knowing that your beloved companion is in good hands. If you're ready to give your pet the ICU services they deserve, visit our practice today!

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What Is an ICU?

Our fully equipped ICU (intensive care unit) provides ongoing care for pets who require constant monitoring and support. In the ICU, pets receive an unparalleled level of care and attention, including round-the-clock monitoring, specialized medical equipment, and skilled veterinary staff. Advances in critical care have made it possible to save pets who would have otherwise succumbed to trauma and illnesses. You can rest assured that our East Setauket specialized ICU services are geared toward preserving and improving your pet's quality of life in more ways than one.

Our Dedicated ICU Services for Pets

When you first bring your pet to our office, we'll quickly work to assess their condition. If our veterinary team determines that your pet is in stable condition, we'll adjust our dedicated ICU services to reflect that. For unstable pet patients, our East Setauket dedicated ICU provides critical care and support, including advanced monitoring, ventilator support, and emergency surgery as needed. Our team of veterinary professionals works quickly and efficiently to stabilize your pet's condition and provide life-saving interventions.

For stable patients, our ICU provides a safe and comfortable environment for recovery, with ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that pets continue to improve and heal. Some of the services Pet ER 24/7 provides for pets in stable condition include:

  • Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen therapy is often required when pets are brought in and have trouble breathing. By using compressed oxygen stored in a tank, we can deliver increased amounts of oxygen to your pet, which helps them stabilize for testing, surgery, or recovery. Some of the benefits of oxygen therapy include faster healing times, swelling reduction, and calming effects for anxious pets.
  • Pain Management: Cats and dogs, as part of their natural instincts, will hide pain, even when it's severe. As part of our specialized ICU services, we provide skilled pain management to our pet patients. Although pain is subjective and difficult to measure in pets, our team is adept at understanding the subtle signs of pain. Our practice can offer your pet various levels of pain medication to help them focus less on pain and more on recovery.
  • Nutritional Support: Although it's difficult for many pet owners to imagine their pet without an appetite, during life-threatening situations, cats and dogs can reduce their nutritional intake or stop eating altogether. Our critical care unit team is here to provide your pet with nutritional support, including feeding tubes and oral feeding, to help them get the strength needed for recovery.
  • Physical Therapy: A crucial component of any pet's path to recovery is physical therapy. If your pet has undergone surgery or faced a situation where their mobility was limited, we employ therapeutic exercises to help them get back to a good state of mobility. Some of the exercises we may have your pet do include standing on unstable services, navigating obstacle courses, and building back strength through specific activities.

Dedicated ICU FAQs

It's normal to have questions about our dedicated ICU services. That's why our compassionate and approachable veterinary team is here to answer any questions you may have. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our pet ICU services include:

Will you take care of my pet overnight?

Yes. Our specialized ICU services include monitoring and caring for your pet overnight. Although you can't be there for your pet, our team will work around the clock to keep them in stable condition.

Although there are various components that are similar between emergency care and what's offered in an ICU, they are different. For example, you would rely on an ICU when your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency and when they're stable and on the road to recovery but still require consistent monitoring.

At Pet ER 24/7, we open our doors to cats and dogs of all ages. You can expect your pet to receive exceptional care when they're under our roof.

An East Setauket Specialized ICU for Your Pets

At Pet ER 24/7, we're proud to serve as your dependable specialized ICU for cats and dogs. Whether your pet has experienced severe trauma or is suffering from a life-threatening illness, our ICU is here to give them the exceptional care they deserve. You can rest assured that your pet is in good hands with our practice. Visit our East Setauket dedicated ICU today!

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