Respiratory & O2 Support


Pet Respiratory & O2 Support in East Setauket, NY 

We address  respiratory distress of Upper & lower airway, lung tissue or inner chest space origins- and caused by airway structural issues, airway collapse, cardiac & non cardiac watered lung, infections, inflammation and trauma. 

We deploy tactical imaging and guided sampling  (Ultrasound, Radiology and CT scan). Bed side Point-of-Care ultrasound is very useful for evaluation of distressed chest inner space, cardiac structure and function and lung tissues to detect sources and causes of respiratory distress so we can address them timely. 

We place expecting and incoming respiratory distressed patients on oxygen support in the parking areas, lobby and triage rooms by way of ceiling dropped oxygen until they arrive in the ICU space. Our ICU is equipped with fully loaded climate controlled oxygen cage/incubator units to rest respiratory distressed and oxygen deficitary patients. Intubation and positive pressure ventilation is also deployed in unconscious and respiratory distressed patients. 

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