Survey & Staged Diagnostic Radiology


Pet Survey & Staged Diagnostic Radiology in East Setauket, NY 

With respect to CT scanning, Pet ER 24/7 deploys NewTom 7G, Cone Beam technology which can be applied to all body areas, including the abdomen, chest and full length of limbs. Moreover, NewTom 7G is suitable for all different patient sizes thanks to a high capacity motor-driven patient table (max 215 kg). At the same time, NewTom 7G has all the functions and automatisms needed to adapt FOVs and X-ray doses to the patient's size.

The CT simple 3D display interface makes communication with about your pet much easier, allowing the patient's condition to be made clear even to viewers who are not familiar with imaging reading. Separate or superimposed imaging of soft tissues and bone tissues can be chosen. 3D measurement, airway simulation and slicing tools are also available to obtain cross-sections of the volume of interest.