Pet Triage & Early Stabilization Technique in East Setauket

If your pet is in a health crisis, knowing where we can meet their urgent care imperatives is important. At Pet ER 24/7, we prioritize a high level of interpersonal connection coupled with a structured urgent care delivery, tailored for your pet's specific urgent needs.

At Pet ER 24/7, our patient centered emergency preparedness, guides our approach to your pet's specific urgent needs. Our triage, early detection and stabilization techniques put in place help us identify pressing health problems in your pet, so we can address them timely and effectively.
We conduct primary surveys, investigations, and general stabilization measures as soon as we meet your pet. If your pet needs emergency care, please visit Pet ER 24/7 today!

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What is Triage?

Triage is a method of rapidly identifying the urgency of a pet's need for care and what type of treatment they need. This involves understanding whether or not the emergency is life-threatening and helps ensure that critical care is provided to the most severe cases first. Many potentially life-threatening problems can appear less dramatic than more visibly striking issues, such as lacerations. We take a tactical approach to our care by complying with the ABCD method in all kinds of emergencies, looking at:

  • Airways: We visually inspect and listen for signs that indicate a compromised airway, such as obstructions or wheezing.
  • Breathing: We assess your pet's breathing and, if necessary, supply oxygen.
  • Circulation: We look at vitals such as heart rate and blood pressure and give fluids if needed.
  • Disabilities: We assess your pet's level of consciousness and neurological function.

With our pet triage approach, we can concentrate on life-threatening emergencies rather than non-lethal injuries. This means we are able to administer life-saving emergency procedures immediately.

Early Stabilization Techniques

After a primary survey and investigation, where we gather the necessary information by asking you questions and the ABCD method, we can quickly determine the next steps to give your pet first aid. Our veterinary team can intervene at each step of the ABCD method to assist in stabilizing the patient. We work on obtaining further information with targeted diagnostic tests, including on-site imaging, bloodwork, and urine/fecal testing. Throughout the process, we will do our best to keep you as informed as possible. It's important to us that you feel comfortable with the care your pet is in, especially in an emergency.

For minor emergencies, we work to quickly address injuries such as road rash, small lacerations, or puncture wounds and symptoms such as itchiness or mild fevers. As long as they are stable, it's common for us to be able to discharge the patient shortly after evaluation and treatment, so you can continue to monitor them at home with pain management and rest.

For major emergencies, our team is prepared to receive, evaluate, and provide timely emergency treatment for your pet. From the parking lot to the triage area, we are able to provide supplementary oxygen until the patient is settled in our ICU space. We use tactical imaging and various other technologies in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and determine the source and cause of your pet's emergency. We can also expedite imaging to expert teams who will review them in a timely manner, further supporting our ability to assist your pet.

Pet Critical Care in East Setauket

In times of crisis, turn to Pet ER 24/7. We make it our mission to provide the quality pet critical care in East Setauket that your animal deserves. Our commitment to structured urgent care ensures that from the moment you arrive, we are addressing your pet's needs promptly and effectively. We prioritize your pet's safety, provide dedicated and skillful care, and create a comfortable environment for your pet to start on the road to recovery. You can trust us with your pet's well-being and know we are committed to being your partner in their care. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, don't hesitate. Visit us today!

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