Skilled East Setauket In-House Pet Hematology

At Pet ER 24/7, we understand the importance of obtaining reliable information to make accurate diagnoses. That's why we're proud to provide dependable in-house pet hematology to East Setauket residents and those in its surrounding communities. Whether we need to know more about your pet's kidney function or verify the presence of bacterial strains in an infected wound, our office can deliver efficient, accurate, and reliable results.

The staff at our laboratory brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your pet's corner. You can rest assured that your cat or dog is in good hands with our veterinary staff. You'll see firsthand the benefits of our veterinary hematology as it helps us to understand your pet's needs and provide swift, effective care. Visit our office today to learn more about our services and how they can help improve your pet's quality of life!

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3 Benefits of In-House Pet Hematology

Just as blood work and other diagnostic tools can save a human's life, they can also save the life of your pet. From humans to pets, information can be the difference between addressing an issue and leaving it untreated only to worsen. Although the primary goal of our services is to glean information from blood, urine, and cells, there are various benefits that extend beyond that. Some of the benefits of our veterinary hematology services include:

  1. Faster Results: All our laboratory testing is performed in-house, allowing us to quickly obtain accurate results to ensure that your pet receives the most effective and personalized care possible. This helps us provide timely treatment for whatever issue your pet is currently facing and means that you and your pet can go back to living your lives to the fullest.
  2. Saving Money: Many pet owners know the frustration of having to pay veterinary bills for services only to discover that something else is wrong with their pet. Our in-house laboratory services help ensure that the source of your pet's health issues is identified and addressed to avoid unnecessary veterinary bills.
  3. Reducing Stress: Visiting the veterinarian can be stressful for pets and owners alike. Our quick and accurate blood work results and other diagnostic tools help keep your time with us to a minimum and reduce your pet's overall stress.

Our In-House Veterinary Hematology Services

Laboratory testing can help diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions for pets of all ages. At Pet ER 24/7, we've spent years improving the quality and scope of our veterinary hematology and diagnostic capabilities. Our diverse services mean that our office can gain a greater understanding of the nature of your pet's health issues and can better recommend treatments and procedures that get directly to the source. Our team is happy to provide you with more details on our services if you have any questions.

  • Hematology: Hematology is the study of blood and blood disorders. At Pet ER 24/7, we provide skilled East Setauket blood tests for pets, which provide us with information about your pet's overall health, including blood cell count, organ function, and potential infections. For example, your pet's blood can alert our team to the presence of cancer, anemia, or allergic conditions.
  • Urinalysis: Urinalysis is an important test that our practice uses to evaluate your pet's kidney function. Normally, when we collect a blood sample from your pet for a chemistry profile, we also take a urine sample. By analyzing your cat or dog's urine, we can detect health problems that blood work alone cannot. With urinalysis, we can detect everything from dehydration to kidney failure.
  • Cavity & Spinal Fluid: At Pet ER 24/7, we use cavity and spinal fluid testing to diagnose conditions that affect your pet's central nervous system. We typically collect cavity and spinal fluid when your pet shows concerning signs and symptoms, like seizures, poor coordination, circling behavior, or back pain. Although cavity and spinal fluid analysis won't tell us exactly what is wrong with your pet, it can help reinforce our diagnosis.
  • Cytology: Cytology is the examination of a single cell type. We can look at the appearance, number, size, shape, and color of your pet's cells. Our practice uses cytology as a way to screen for cancer and the presence of infectious organisms. The procedure to collect the tissue is simple and relatively pain-free.
  • Complex Wound Cultures: Although most wounds have straightforward treatment paths, complex wounds with potential infections can require special approaches. At Pet ER 24/7, we provide complex wound cultures to test your pet's wound, identify the bacteria infecting it, and determine an appropriate treatment method.

Quality Veterinary Hematology in East Setauket

At Pet ER 24/7, we know how stressful it can be to have your pet suffering from a health issue and not know what's causing it. That's why we strive to understand the nature of your pet's ailment and provide treatment that helps them get back to feeling their best. That's why our practice leverages a dedicated in-house hematology laboratory. Visit our office today to take advantage of our East Setauket in-house hematology capabilities!

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